Siffy chat refers to any kind of communication which act of conveying meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs, symbol, and semiotic rules over the internet that offer a real-time transmission of text messages online from sender to receiver. Online Chat may address point 2 point communication as well as multicast Live chat communications from one sender to another receiver with voice and video chat.

Siffy chat is Online Chat in a less stringent definition may be primary text-based chatroom or video-based chatroom, it should be one-on-one chat which is also derived as a private message or one-to-many chat which is called group chat which is used to chat in the main chatroom lobby which is known as synchronous conferencing, using tools such as Instant messengers, yahoo chat, IRC (Internet Relay Chat), 123FlashChat, Google talk, BBM e.t.c

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Rules For Siffychat :

  • Swearing, Flooding, Spamming, Inviting, Harassing are not allowed in Siffychat.
  • Cyber Crimes (i.e Hacking, DDOSing, Insulting) are not allowed in SiffyChat if anyone found doing these kinds of attacks will be removed from the server also will be taken strict action for this.
  • For any issues or problem in Siffychat Please contact one of our mods or Admins.
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Why SiffyChat?

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